The NFL and the greed of a country

I just erased an entire blog post. To sum it up, I am pissed that people who make more then a million dollars in one year are so greedy that they are going on strike so they can make more money! I know these people give to a lot to charities but i wonder if they are giving to the single moms who have a kid but can barely support themselves. Are they looking out for the future of our country? My guess is maybe yes but mainly i think they might be more concerned with buying the latest car or another house. So please do everything you can if you think its absurd, to try and tell the NFL that.

I personally started a “Boycott the NFL” group on Facebook, you are more then welcome to join that if you would like.

In other news…

What the hell is going on with the middle east? Every country over there is going nuts. Lets not forget about England protesting over budget cuts. If i didn’t know better i would say the world is coming to an end! Maybe a Zombie invasion will happen and all of us Zombie Attack people will finally get a chance to actually figure out what we are going to do, run for the hills or try to take over a walmart. So many decisions to make!

I will say after talking to my friend James i think buying a gun might be a wise decision in the near future!

Do not forget the rules from Zombie Land, most importantly “DOUBLE TAP”



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