Twitter? Social fun or networking

For those of you who haven’t joined Twitter yet, I ask you, why not?
I know the reasons, believe me. I have used them all. “no one else I know uses it.” ” only Hollywood people actually use that ” the list goes on and on and on.

The truth is that all those reasons are valid ones however, recently I asked myself why do all the movie stars, major t.v. Shows, and businesses all have it? The answer is not limited to just one reason but here are what I believe are the most popular reasons. These are not in any special order even though I will be listing these with numbers.

1. Faster access to news and happenings around the world. Believe it or not, when you use twitter you actually get updates about everything faster than the tv can report it.

2. Networking. We all know a bunch of people but twitter is or can be the great equalizer between us and the famous people we see on the tv. We now have the opportunity to make ourselves known to a very large group of people. Tweeting with content that is relevant to other people could make you a popular person

3. Money. If you want to put advertising for your business or product in front of people more often, tweet about it! Every time you do, that’s free advertising to all the people who follow you.

4. Fun! The truth is that tweeting is fun! Typing tid bits about your life is fun and gratifying . Get your friends to join you and make some new ones.

Oh yes and if you noticed that all my points were focused on benefits for you. That’s because I want you to join but also because tweeting is all about you!

Look me up on twitter @licketyletters
I look forward to following you as well.

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