Presidents speech about Lybia

This is my question. Did Obama really state anything that we were not already aware of concerning Libya?

Lets review:

First He thanks all the military members for being over seas fighting different battles. Then he launches into the history of U.S. involvement in overseas affair. Telling us more stuff we already know. A short history lesson on Libya which some of us may not of known or even cared about until ten days ago.

He proceeds to recall the events that led to our involvement with Libya, saying that as Commander and Chief he was not going to wait for the pictures and videos of the blood bath before he acted. (Good! I applaud him for that) Therefore knowing all the bad stuff that happened so far in Libya he sent war ships. Then like the smart bully who never actually bullies anyone but only urges others to do so he got other nations involved because he didn’t want to be solely responsible for it plus this way he wasn’t starting another war like the one he criticized the Bush administration for starting. The man is smart. Just like a good bully who knows how to avoid getting in trouble for picking on people.

I just want to make one thing clear I am not trying to say that President Obama is a bully. I am glad that we are not solely responsible for this war. However, I do think he is a little bit of a coward. If you are gonna start something, OWN IT!

Now all that being said, he never tells us directly what the mission is, except maybe to save human lives from a tyrant. I think that is great but every war must have a mission and an exit strategy. At no point in his speech does he clearly state this is why we are here and this is when we are leaving. In fact I believe the man actually gave other countries the power of our armed forces and then went on a little family vacation.

I want to end this post by saying that I would love to like this man but when you watch the news and both sides are critical of his foreign policy, it makes it difficult. I will say that I did see on the news today that Obama is attempting to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. That is a smart idea! I hope Obama can figure out how to make it work!

here is the transcript. you can copy and paste it to your web browser if you would like to read it for your self.

Well I was gonna give you the link to cnn’s transcript of the Address lest you think I am biased but I could not find it



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