Survivor Redemption Island

Survivor of CBS aired tonight and per usual it was an excellent edition.

If you missed it and would like to get a quick recap of what happened than here you go!

Philip was getting on everybody’s nerves as usual and Boston Rob is ready to vote him out.

Philip got mad that his tribe was saving the “crispy” rice for Boston Rob and yelled at the rest of the tribe.

When he later did his one on one with the camera he told us that in any other tribe in any other nation he would get special treatment because he was the elder tribe member.

Mean while in Zapatera an already splintered tribe continues to argue amongst themselves about loyalty versus strength in challenges. It boils down to David vs. Sorita

On Redemption Island Matt(ometepe) played Stephanie(zapatera) in a rousing game of memory.  Matt got lucky in his first turn and found two matching tiles as did Stephanie. Score 4(Matt) to 3(stephanie) Matt flips over the calendar tile and with confidence walks to the back of the board and chooses the wrong tile! Stephanie with a chance to tie makes the same mistake and in the end Matt wins for the fifth time in a row.(a looming merge makes this victory all the more special)

The Challenge was an obstacle course ending in a game where the team had to shoot six balls in to a hoop with no backboard. Ometepe gets two while Zapatera ironically seemed to be falling behind. Both teams fought hard with a dramatic ending with each team having 5 balls in the net and desperate to win. In the end Ometepe wins and reveives reward. A helicopter ride and a picnic.

At the picnic

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua View of Concepcion V...

Image via Wikipedia

Boston Rob found the clue to the hidden immunity idol which he already had so he threw it away and Philip felt for the first time that he was actually apart of the tribe.

Zapatera went to tribal council. They decided that winning challenges was more important then loyalty so they said goodbye to Sarita.

That pretty much sums up tonights episode.


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