Family is Everything

When it comes to Family, I have the best!

Let me open up the door to who I am. I was raised in a family with a hard-working Dad and a Mom who before anything else spent her time praying for all of us. The middle child, set right between two sisters, from there i got a pretty good perspective on life. I believe I was gifted with the ability to think ahead of my years. I am perceptive in life and can usually understand situations even when I am not personally in them. I love God and for that reason some of you may not love me. I was raised in a conservative home where family values were important.

Now I am grown with my own family and I want my kids to see a hard-working Dad and a praying Mother. It’s important that my kids understand who God is and struggle everyday to keep a personal relationship with him.

When I was growing up, the technology boom was just starting. I was not raised with two my parents who each had a cell phone for a second hand. I want my kids to know the power of technology and how to leverage it but I also want them to know that life exist outside of it and they need to be fully engaged.
To that end, Here are three concepts I want to instill in my children.

1. God
2. Family
3. Money

My son’s name is Sam. He is 16 months old and full of life. Everyday I see him growing and learning. He is the best and I can’t imagine my life with out him. Every night that I am home I give him his bed time bottle and rock him while he eats it. I don’t talk because I want him to be settling down but that time is just ours and I love it because I hope to have that time with him for the rest of my life.

I love my Family and I hope that whoever you are if you are reading this post that it will help you to reflect on your own my family. That maybe you can begin anew if your relationship with family members has been strained. Most of all I hope that you can begin to align yourself with values that your Family instilled in you or that you want to instill in them.

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One Response to “Family is Everything”
  1. ashleyward08 says:

    I love watching you love our kids! You’re a wonderful dad.

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