Can we trust what they say?




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According to the Hardcore Democrats, we shouldn’t watch Fox News because they lie. Do you agree?

Left wing Democrats believe that the government should continue funding every single program to help the needy, the old, and every other person out there that might need a buck. I think that is great and if we could afford to do that i would be all for it! However I feel pretty confident that our Government is over spending and there is no way we can afford to continue to spend like we are currently. I don’t blame the current administration for what is happening with our budget but i do hold them accountable to take care of it.

No person in the world is allowed to spend beyond there means for very long before the hammer gets dropped on them. Debt is no joke and i would really like my kids to live in a free nation!

Democrats like to complain about how Republicans have no heart! They say all republicans are white, rich and do not care about those less fortunate. I think its pretty incredible to say that when there are plenty of rich, wealthy democrats who are benefitting for tax loopholes and would probably be pissed if the government raised there taxes. However if you think I’m wrong please leave a comment and let me know.

CNN is widely seen as a much better option for getting fair unbiased news however IF you talk to the far left liberals they believe that CNN is also a right winged news outlet. So what do we do? How do we get the truth about what is really happening? Who can we trust?

I wish I had an answer and I am currently looking for one so please let me know where  you get your honest, unbiased news.

Will the Government be shut down? The odds are continuing to increase with each hour that passes without an agreement. Obama said after his meeting tonight that he is not widely optimistic but hopes that he will hear good news early friday(04/08/2011)

Time will tell. Both sides say they do not want a shutdown but how can we be sure that either side is not just using this to push a political agenda. It would appear that both Democrats and Republicans are using this to make the other side look bad.

I wish both sides would stop playing the blame game and focus on getting something done!

I am done for today. No more rambling


2 Responses to “Can we trust what they say?”
  1. jj says:

    It was actually researchers at the University of Maryland that determined that Fox News misinforms people:

    Every person should make their own judgment on that one. It’s a moot point though because people should be getting their news from multiple sources anyway. We should all discuss what is going on in this world with a group of people that contains multiple view points. If you only hear the side you agree with, you can never consider alternate perspectives. These days, with google news and facebook, accomplishing that variety has never been easier (assuming you have vocal friends from a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs). As with anything, having a balanced variety of options is generally the best way to move forward.

    One last comment: Party labels are a dangerous thing. Most people out there do not agree with the entire platform of either party, suggesting that they think that the other party has at least a few things right… even if sometimes they won’t admit it. I think that the GOP is backward on a lot of things, but I appreciate the pressure they are applying to the President and the rest of congress to make the government more efficient. At least that’s a start.

  2. lulu ivey says:

    to each news as well as people have there opion.

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