Keeping up with the Blogging

A little over a month ago I decided that i would start this blog. A month later I’m starting to realize just how much work writing a good blog is going to be! Topics pop in my head here and there but I have not developed a system for keeping track of those ideas, especially when I am on the run. I like to write about a lot of different topics which i think is fine but i also need to develop a system for doing it. Something that people can say hey its (insert the day) that means licketyletters has posted a new blog about (insert the topic). It also means that i would pretty much have to be writing on a different topic every day, not something that i was planning on having to do when first thinking about writing a blog.

Blogging is great! It is almost therapeutic being able to sit down and just express what I am feeling about any topic that I choose. I have to admit, when i first conceived this blog and the topics i wanted to write about non of those topics are what I am writing about. Instead it is more political and family based. Which is fine except I’m not sure how I became qualified to write about Politics, it is a cut throat world and if you have a strong opinion you are sure to get some one telling you to take your opinion and shove it where the sun does not shine.

For example, I went on a blog called the Obama diaries. I asked a, what i have to admit now could definetly be seen as insulting, question. They jumped on me quickly and informed me that i was insulting, right winged and an Obama hater. I won’t lie that I am not a huge fan of our President but i would not qualify it as hate. I’m not sure I want to be apart of a group like that but Politics are just so interesting.

To sum it up: Blogging can easily become a second job.

Finding that perfect balance is critical.

Letting yourself come through your writing is really important.

Finding your niche simplifies everything

Being proud of what you write, makes writing it a lot easier


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