The Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday my family and I went on an Easter egg hunt. We ate delicious food, hamburgers, deviled eggs, cheesy potato casserole,cupcakes and more! Some played a fun little game called cornhole, others conversed with one another.

My son, Sam had a blast running all over creation chasing balls and laughing. I of course ran after him while my beautiful wife took photos to remember the day. My daughter decided that she would use the opportunity to take a two hour nap. She is a great kid!

The egg hunt was awesome! Same did not really understand what it was all about but when he heard “GO!”, boy, did he run! After we redirected his way he got excited about all the colorful eggs. I think all in all he/we found ten. Sam was excited to put them in my hat and then dump them out. I think he did it no less then ten times.

Overall we had a great day! More importantly Sam had a great day! I love that kid much and i look forward to many more great days with him



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