The Getaway

Ok, so I have not posted in a long time. I’m sorry. Hopefully this quick little post can be a small step towards getting back in the blogging habit.


This weekend my wife and I took a mini vacation to Atlantic City, we stayed at the Trump Plaza. The hotel was o.k. the customer service was horrible! Not to worry though! We kept a positive attitude and avoided most of the hotel staff as often as possible.   We did a lot of walking! A LOT OF WALKING! We gambled, well actually Ashley did more of the gambling because if I did it, we would have lost everything in about five minutes. I think the secret to our success was definitely the Survivor slot machine. Ashley and the machine had some sort of connection which allowed her to win.   We worked a great system and actually ended up making money.

The trip was really fun over all, we ate some good food and had some good times. The time away from our kids was important and a nice little breather from our normal routine. However,  all that said WE are both happy to be home with the kids. We love them so much and missed them even more.



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