Food Obsession

I have been watching a lot of the Food Network recently and although food has become a passion of mine, I think it is becoming an obsession. I love everything about food. It allows you to please so many of the senses at the same time and since I have always been a little bit of a creative person it is a great outlet for that as well. I enjoy thinking about new ways to cook delicious food. I love to watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives because I get to see new food ideas, people with a passion, creating awesome food that makes your mouth water.

The one food that i have absolutely started to enjoy in so many different ways is the EGG. Yes it is great for breakfast but it also great with chilli, burgers and hot dogs. The runny yoke is a pure golden sauce that blends well with pretty much everything i have tried it on.

Being creative and blending flavors to get the perfect bite is fun however sometimes it fails or it turns into something that you were not expecting. One day i was determined to make cole-slaw without any recipe. I knew the flavor profile i wanted and i thought i had figured out the ingredients i needed to make it happen. After mixing all the ingredients together i tasted my dressing and guess what? I had made a runny ranch dressing and not cole-slaw dressing. So i threw it out. We can’t win them all but every time we try something we learn something and even though that doesn’t just apply to food. It is good to remember next time you do not have a successful first try at a new dish or experiment


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