All Mixed Up

I sat down to write this post and got totally lost in my own my thoughts. There is so much that i would like to talk about but my thoughts are disorganized so that makes it pretty much impossible to write anything worth actually reading.

On a personal note, I started P90X about two weeks ago, at first it was really kicking my butt. Now it still kicks my butt, however I’m seeing improvements and  feeling stronger.      I’m just about half way through my weight loss journey with only 30-40 pounds left to lose. Ashley and I are really excited about starting a plant based diet next week. Fruits and Vegetables here we come!!!

In a little political excerpt, the government is really starting to tick me off! Only the government thinks that the rules of money do not apply to them. Borrow more. Raise taxes. Forget about the consequences. I understand that there are people out there who are really hurting for cash right now, they have tried everything to get a job but just can’t make enough to pay the bills. Those people truly need a helping hand. Then there are those who have chosen to be irresponsible with their money or just flat out lazy because they know that they can do nothing and the government will just hand them money. I know that I can’t be the only 20 something year old who would be happy to stop contributing to social security and medicare. I don’t live with the expectation that at some point the government is going to take care of me and I’m certainly not counting on it’s money when i retire.       These entitlement programs just were not created to support the entire country when they turn 65.

Sorry if i bored you with my political rant but i just needed to say it.

The 4th of july is two days away and as a lover of the United States. I just want to say God Bless America!! Enjoy your grilling and fireworks!!!


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