A Week Off, A New Perspective

My week so far has brought a lot of perspective on life. What I cherish most is my family, and I know that if your from the old school my next sentence will probably shock you to your very core. However, work is really getting in the way of the time I would like to spend with them and therefore I need to find a way to earn more money in less time.  Forty hours a week for Forty years is for the old generation. I’m a thinker and often to my wife’s dismay, I spend a lot of time in my own head thinking about everything under the sun but mainly my personal goals, family and God.

Sometimes it seems like life is so simple. Love God, Love Family, and it will all work out in the end. However the details always seem to get in the way. I feel like Paul in the bible, What i want to do I can’t and what i don’t want to do, I do. Now I’m  not using that analogy to talk about sin in my life but simply this, my dreams of where i thought i would be in life versus where I am now are not the same. I’m not even about to complain about my life because as i stated in the above paragraph, I love my family and I am extremely blessed with an amazing wife and two wonderful kids. I just pictured being in a better place financially at this point in my life.

I love my job and it is helping me to learn a lot about banking and finance but i know that my true calling is not in that industry. If you ask me about finance I will tell you to live debt free as often as possible. Live within your means and don’t be foolish with credit cards. My biggest passion is food! I love food, just ask my wife. I love to be creative and i love to add and mix things up with everyday meals. Therefore my biggest dream is to own my own breakfast shop. Bacon and Eggs are the best foods in the food pyramid! I do not consider myself an artist however I do have an artistic flare if you know what I mean. Its like the saying “those who can’t do teach” well “those who can’t really draw take pictures”. Therefore I think that my creative outlet can be used well in photography. Ashley and I took a three-hour photography class on sunday and it really inspired me to want to take more pictures.

If you have not noticed by now I’m an entrepreneur  in spirit I have not owned my first business yet but I plan on changing that as soon as possible.  My hope is that between myself and my wife we can dream big enough to see opportunities when they appear and capitalize on them to enable us to spend more time with family and less time working the 40/40 plan.  Every chance we can take to increase our income from a source outside of our jobs is a step closer to freedom from those jobs.

So what have I learned this week. Love God, Love Family and God will work out the details and hopefully open your eyes to new opportunities.


One Response to “A Week Off, A New Perspective”
  1. Linda says:

    What a wonderful picture of the four of you. I agree you do have a beautiful wife and two adorable and wonderful babies. I wish you nothing but the best in finding your dream. You know you will always have a special place with me even though we meant at work. Kiss the kids for me. And see you Monday bright and early. Linda

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