How to Lose Fifty Pounds and Realize that You can be an Entrepreneur

 How Did You Lose Fifty Pounds?

Starting in about Feburary 2011, I decided that I was sick and tired of being fat and tired so I committed to losing weight and never going back to being as fat as I was at that time. I was staring 310 pounds in the face and was not liking what I was seeing. I knew the journey in front of me was not easy but losing fifty pounds was going to be worth the health benefits, not to mention feeling and looking better were also good incentives. To lose fifty pounds or any significant amount of weight takes commitment and dedication. Also losing fifty pounds takes sacrifice and hard work.

You have to have a game plan and obviously a goal. (In my case Fifty Pounds plus)

Your game plan has to be flexible enough that you are not killing yourself to meet unrealistic goals that make you want to quit on day two because you just can’t eat one more carrot stick. I highly reccomend taking advantage of a program like weight watchers or if you have a smart phone  there is a great app called My Fitness Pal, it actually allows you to decide how many pounds you want to lose per week based on how active you are and your current weight. My Fitness Pal tells how you many calories to consume per day to lose that much weight per week, plus you can join up with friends and hold each other accountable.

Just remember that to lose weight and keep it off is a marathon not a sprint.  You will have bad days and even bad weeks but that does not mean you should throw in the towel and quit. Trust me! My weight loss journey is not over just because I lost fifty pounds as a matter of fact I still would like to lose about another 20-25 more pounds in the next six months.

What does this Article have to do with being an Entrepreneur?

Great Question!

Absolutely nothing if I am being honest.

HAH! Just kidding!

Actually, it has quite a lot to do with being an Entrepreneur. You see about a month ago I was talking to one of my good friends about finance and he was asking me some questions about my grocery budget. Well in the midst of that conversation he said something to me that I had completely discounted and never thought about myself. He asked me, “How had I lost fifty pounds and saved so much money?”

Life altering, Right?

On the surface, No, but it got me thinking about myself differently. You see, I had always discredited myself as someone who either did not set goals because I probably would not attain them or if I did set goals I probably would not follow through with them. That question made me realize that neither of those self taught, disbelieving statements were true about me.


Not so coincidentally, accomplishing both of those required the same skill sets as an entrepreneur. Losing fifty pounds is not just something I did by chance because I woke up one morning and decided that being overweight and eating a lot of delicious, fattening food was no longer fun. I actually had to change my bad habbits and replace them with good ones. I had to chose to eat more vegatables and less fried chicken. I had to make sacrifices that did not feel good at the time but in the end have been completely worth it. I set a goal, or cast a vision of something that I wanted and I came up with my weight loss plan to make it happen. I took advantage of a great tool to help me achieve my goal.

Entrepreneurs do a lot of these things as well. It takes determination, vision, hard-work, sacrifice, even failing at some points but never quiting to be a succesful entrepreneur. Most things do not just fall into your lap and if you want to be good at it you have to keep doing it and learning from your mistakes until you get it right. The same is true if you want to lose 10, 20, 30, 40 or even fifty pounds and it is also true if you want to be a succesful entrepreneur.




4 Responses to “How to Lose Fifty Pounds and Realize that You can be an Entrepreneur”
  1. Ashley Ward says:

    I’m so proud of you!! This is a great post–I know you’re going to keep doing awesome things with your life. 🙂

  2. Judy says:

    Go Geoff! You can do it! One cool website is… it is basically a food tracking site. It really teaches you how bad certain foods are. Use this site for at least a few weeks, and it will open your eyes! 😛

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