Being an Entrepreneur is a journey by Lickety Letters

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Being an Entrepreneur is…

Being an Entrepreneur is hard. Let’s get that straight from the get go, being an entrepreneur is going to require balls. (pardon my french) As I begin this personal journey into entrepreneurship I understand that I am not always going to know the right answer and as my readers you are going to get to experience my mistakes and my triumphs with me.

In some ways, I feel completely inadequate to even call myself an entrepreneur but I also realize that being an entrepreneur is about stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risks. In an earlier post I talk about what qualities I think I have in common with an entrepreneur. Getting back to taking risks, writing these posts is a risk because even though I feel that I am putting out quality content, that I hope people enjoy there is some part of me that gets a little nervous each time I write a post and publish it to Twitter and Facebook. Risks do not have to be extremely risky like I think i will go to the bank and take a million dollar loan out thats called stupid, unless you have done a lot of research and put time into a business plan that requires that much money. Risk can be small, like I said with this blog post or starting a business that has a low start up cost. Risk can also be managed, having a business plan will help you to manage some of the risk.

As an entrepreneur, I am expecting bumps in the road from lack of knowledge in certain subjects to encountering criticism from friends and family. I need to be prepared for those moments, and look to turn them into opportunities to learn and get better.I need to take time to be introspective and learn my strengths(things I do well) and my weakness(things I should consider getting help with)Take this blog for instance, I’m not great with grammar or spelling so I am considering a writing class. The word goals keeps popping into my head , I feel like God is almost prodding me to be more goal focused. To set goals and achieve them, it doesn’t matter if they are small or big the point here is that as an entrepreneur I need to have have goals. If I fail to achieve them then I need to take a step back and ask myself, Why was I unable to meet that goal? Was there something I could have done differently to achieve it?  Then I need to readjust and get after it again. I have listed  some goals for this blog below.

Goals (just in case you got lost, HA!)

250 unique visitors a month

50 email subscribers

15-25+ comments per post

Are they obtainable? Absolutely!

How long will it take? That is really up to you! I would love to see it in 60 – 90 days I am committed to great content and continuous improvement

I see this blog as my first venture. Does it make money? No, but is that a requirement as an entrepreneur?

I forgot to read the hand book,

so I can’t tell you.

The point is that my journey as an entrepreneur begins now. I hope that as I walk on this road that these posts can help you all learn from my mistakes so that you can get to your goals as an entrepreneur more quickly.

So tell me what are your goals? Do you have experience in this? If so,  tell me about it.

2 Responses to “Being an Entrepreneur is a journey by Lickety Letters”
  1. Denise Oakley says:

    I will be here to cheer you on however, I don’t like the testicle reference but, I love you.

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