Can we trust what they say?

                                      According to the Hardcore┬áDemocrats, we shouldn’t watch Fox News because they lie. Do you agree? Left wing Democrats believe that the government should continue funding every single program to help the needy, the old, and every … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: A Presidential Hopeful?

Donald Trump is a real estate mogul, a television star, but is he a Presidential candidate? According to Donald, he will let us know by June 2011, if he will be running for President. Bill O’Reilly had Donald Trump on his show Wednesday and Thursday night. Bill asked Donald the tough questions and to my … Continue reading

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Presidents speech about Lybia

This is my question. Did Obama really state anything that we were not already aware of concerning Libya? Lets review: First He thanks all the military members for being over seas fighting different battles. Then he launches into the history of U.S. involvement in overseas affair. Telling us more stuff we already know. A short … Continue reading

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